Seo Services

Search Engine Optimization is the all-important detail behind the pictures and words of a website. A basic business-card style website generally does not incorporate SEO detail.  Nor does a website built for visual effect only. If you want visitors and clients to find your website and your business, SEO is strongly recommended.

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Best Practice SEO

If customers are looking for your product or service, but don’t know your business name, SEO improves their chances of finding you by just using search words in the search engines. SEO uses many tweaks and techniques. Rx Websites use only best practice (WhiteHat) SEO.

Search engines uses sets of rules to assess websites. These rules are called algorithms. The algorithms are numerous, varied, dynamic as opposed to static and unpredictable. Working with the algorithms to optimise a website forms the foundation of a SEO consultant’s expertise.

SEO Snapshot

Keyword Research

What words and phrases are your future customers typing into Search Engines?    What questions do they have?  What websites appear when they search?  What words must your website contain to be competitive?


Have you explained clearly what service or product you provide?   Are your pages and articles well written or spammy rubbish?    Are your images helpful and relevant?   Can visitors find the content


Page titles, page descriptions, tags and keywords lie in the background of every page.  Are the images labelled, in the background, to the best advantage?


Linking from page to page adds complexity and interest to a site. Links from other sites to your site adds credibility.

Site Structure and Navigation

Can visitors find what they are looking for? Quickly, easily.

Technical Considerations

How quickly does each page load?    How does the site look on a mobile phone?   Is the site Secure? Is there site Caching? Are there back ups of the site?

Review, Maintain and Modify

The digital world is constantly changing. Visitor search trends change. Security threats evolve. Online marketing styles move. Websites are versatile and flexible. Because of the complexity of the search engine algorithms Rx Websites recommend annual SEO audits. This multi-step process uses a range of investigative tools to analyse and assess websites. An SEO Audit provides comparative data on all aspects of a website’s performance.

SEO concept workcloud