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Rx Websites use WordPress. WordPress is not the simplest website publishing platform. It is considered more difficult to use than Wix, for example. The set up for a new WordPress site can be tricky for a beginner. However, we have thousands of hours and many sites behind us. We have developed as the WordPress possibilities have developed. The versatility of the WordPress platform has prompted us to use WordPress exclusively.

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Designing with WordPress

When the first web page was launched in 1991 (Tim Berners-Lee) the World Wide Web project announced a new era possibilities. Drupal emerged in 2000 as an open source Content-Management Framework. The first version of WordPress became available in 2003 and is currently the most used Content Management System across the world.

WordPress builds on a Theme. WordPress websites are often thought of as just blogs. Simple, single page information sites. This could not be further from the reality. WordPress versatility and flexibility has become the program of choice from galleries to online stores. The Theme options are just the beginning. RxWebsites has access to especially developed themes which can be customised to a greater level Functionality is then enhanced with the use of plugins. So whether it is simplicity or complexity, WordPress can give you the desired look and feel that suits your needs.



Do-it-yourself or Fully Managed

WordPress is very widely used. It is not a set and forget platform. A WordPress website does require some maintenance, even if the visible content doesn’t change. It is possible for clients to take control of the maintenance and security of the site after the build. Most do not. A fully
managed website enables the business owner to get on with business rather than entering the steep learning curve of Website backend technicalities. It really does depend on the client and their type of business.

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Who uses WordPress?

There are reportedly millions of WordPress websites. There are many well designed and developed standout sites. Here are some names you may recognise: Houston Zoo, The Official Star wars Blog, Disney, Katy Perry, Glad (as in Glad Bags).

What are our Strengths?

  • Communication and Rapport building
  • In-house web design
  • Professional Content Writing available
  • Certified in Digital Marketing

Will WordPress suit my Small Business?

If you have a product to sell, a portfolio to display, some advice for readers, news to share, building a membership or a service to promote WordPress and Rx Websites can add the online dimension that you are looking for.

Why have a website?

  • Grow your online visibility
  • Increase your leads
  • Expand your reputation
  • Promote your expertise

What is the Scope of  Rx Websites?

How do we Start?

  • We ask what you like
  • We ask about your business
  • We look at your ‘competitors’
  • We think, learn, do and review
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