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Top 18 Website questions:

Do I need a website?

Do I need a domain name?

I already have a domain name, can I turn it into a website?

How much does a simple website cost?

Can I manage my website myself once it is setup?

I am not creative, can you help?

Can I have a website that matches my business style?

Can my website grow as my business grows?

Where do I start?

Will a website help me get more customers?

I don’t want more customers,  I want the right customers, can you help?

Do I have to be on Facebook?

What is SEO?

Do I need to give you photos for the website?


Is website design the same as internet marketing?

Can I build a do-it-yourself website?

What is the difference between do-it-yourself and custom?

Do I need to write articles for the site?

You are not alone..

There are plenty of enterprises that do not have, or are unhappy with their websites. They want to be web visible, reach new customers and inform existing customers. Rx Websites delivers customised websites that are flexible to your needs and goals. Websites that are easy to get started and maintain. Beautifully designed with a thorough internet marketing plan, your new website can save time  and  filter the  inquiries that previously tie up your emails and telephone.

Join the businesses that are getting ahead..

Tired of your competitors working less and enjoying a better lifestyle? Successful businesses have effective websites. Ring us. Have your questions answered. Have the enterprise and the lifestyle you want.

Rx Websites has the answers.